About Matt Roe

Matt Roe - NYC 2010

Matt Roe – NYC 2010

I was born in Trumbull, CT in 1977. At an early age I realized that I was born to be an artist. Even as a child I was always creating and thinking outside of the box. My artwork is a direct reflection of my mindset and emotions and the interpretation should be left up to the individual viewer. Originally starting in architectural engineering, I received a scholarship for being the most technologically advanced. I attended the University of Mass-Amherst. In college I veered off from a precise engineering style of drawing to a more free-form style of expression.

My artistic influences include Van Gogh (colors), Dali (for style andthoughts), and Dr. Suess for the comical light side of life.Working as a professional picture framer, I encounter artevery day and my avocation has led me to the appreciation contemporary side of art. Since Pollack is one of my favorite contemporary artists, I was influenced by the energy and movement of his paintings. In my own work I minimized the style I saw in Pollack’s paintings to lessen the confusion and create in the viewer a vision comparable to looking through a soul. I believe I captivate the energy of the world at that moment and use my art as a medium to reflect it. My hope is that the viewer can relate and/or see a piece of themselves in my work.